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Monster Mash

Monster Mash

Instant Pot
2-3lbs 90/10 ground beef
2.5 cups white rice (3 cups water)
1/2 bag chopped spinach (whole bag works too)
1 cup chicken stock / bone broth
1 tbsp ghee or butter

Cherry tomatoes
Red/Green peppers
White tomatoes

Pour 2.5 cups rice in instant pot
Add 3 cups water
Add 1 cup broth
Add 1 tbsp ghee or butter
Mix everything up
Add spinach
Make 6-7 meatballs and add them on top of spinach
Throw half cuts of cherry tomatoes in
Put lid on and make sure it is on sealing
On Instant Pot hit rice button (it should say 12m)
Once done, let warm for 4m (L4)
Do quick release
Mash the balls and mix it up

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